Guitarist, composer and arranger

Son of brazilian musician and composer Egberto Gismonti, Alexandre Gismonti had an early and intimate contact with music that sounded contunuosly at home. At age of 12, Alexandre chose his unique and beloved instrument, the nylon string guitar and around 15, he had debuted on stage following the tours of his dad Egberto Gismonti, with whom Alexandre traveled for about 15 years, touring all over the world. During these trips, besides the development as an artist on stage, Alexandre had a chance to meet many of the greatest musicians alive from whom he captured many teachings that have influenced his artistic language.

In 2009, the album "Saudações" is released by the german label ECM, featuring a guitar duo composed by Alexandre and Egberto Gismonti, which represents more than 10 years playing on stage. The repertoire includes unreleased songs as well as hits by Egberto, besides "Chora, Antonio!", composed piece by Alexandre dedicated to his great-grandfather Antonio Gismonti, the first composer of his family. In 2010, Alexandre debuts his first solo album alongside a double bass and percussion (by Felipe Cotta and Mayo Pamplona, respectively). The Alexandre Gismonti Trio features the album "Baião de Domingo", released by the brazilian label Fina Flor, which brings the composer's original songs alternate with classics of brazilian music in own arrangements. The result are great reviews in every brazilian major newspaper and an unprecedented nomination to the biggest music award of Brazil, "Prêmio da Música Brasileira 2010 - Categoria Revelação".

Still in 2010, Alexandre was invited to join the 11th edition of "International Guitar Night," the world's premier guitar touring festival. During its course, IGN had already contemplated the major brazilian guitarists such as Guinga, Marco Pereira and Paulo Bellinati. "IGN V" album comes out, which is released and distributed by canadian label Pacific Music/Warner, in addition to acoustic guitar label Candyrat's merchandising. Three consecutive tours were followed by the United Kingdom, Canada and U.S. Again alongside experienced musicians, Alexandre and guitarists Brian Gore (USA), Pino Forastiere (ITA) and Clive Carroll (UK) join together to experience a unique sound. This is the result of an unusual combination of nylon and steel string guitars as well as an wide musical exchange between different cultures. "IGN V" goes from Brazilian Choro to Irish Dance, always with a refreshing touch of modernity so characteristic of the contemporary guitar.

The music of Alexandre Gismonti is reflected in the richness and diversity of brazilian musical culture. Choro, Samba, Baião, Côco, Valsa, among many other styles. Brazil is permanently inside his compositions. The guitar, his great passion, is the leading channeler of his creativity. Though this instrument, he goes over sophisticated and surprising harmonic sounds as well as the richness of imaginative melodic lines. Nevertheless, his sense of freedom along the endless search for the unknow, shape different kinds of experimentations, in which the fusion of musical elements and styles open new affluents for his art of tranforming ideas an feelings into music.

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